Kimono Roboto Bureau Betak


Kimono Roboto Exhibition - The documentary

Director : Felipe Sanguinetti

Producer: Bureau Future - Bureau Betak 

DoP: Vadim Alsayed 

Editor : Joris Laquittant

with Nick & Warren , Björk, Peter Lindbergh, Koichiro Doi, Alexandre de Betak

In 2014 was launched the Kimono Roboto Project, born of one enduring belief : Heritage inspires the future.

Using techniques unseen in over a century, 23 museum-quality kimono pieces were commissioned by Melco Resorts & Entertainment to be recreated by Japanese Living National Treasures and Imperial Family-appointed artisans.

Three years later, the first 13 pieces from this collection were unveiled at the Kimono Roboto Exhibition in Tokyo, showcased alongside interpretative contributions of artists : Björk, Peter Lindbergh, Koichiro Doi, Alexandre de Betak, Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones.

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